Smart Gardener

What is the Smart Gardener application?

The application is the remote control to your T-series Kitchen garden. With the application you can control all functionalities related to your kitchen garden. It will also remind you when to fill water and nutrients. The Smart Gardener takes care of the gardening for you.

Why should I use the Smart Gardener application?

To optimize the growth and to make your life easy. Every plant species has their own needs, some need a lot of water as some others very little, some plants need to rest without light when some thrive when the light is always on. This is why we have developed the Smart Gardener application that contains unique growing programs for the most common plants. The only thing you need to do is to select the plant and the application will create and control the perfect conditions for the selected plant in your kitchen garden.

What are the key functions of the Smart Gardnener application?

The application controls the light, the watering and the nutrients by ensuring that the plants you are growing have optimal conditions all the time. The application also reminds you to add more water and nutrients when needed.

What if I don’t have a smart phone, can I still use my T3/T6/T12?

You can use the T-series Kitchen Gardens without the application as each garden is pre-installed with the Smart Default program. The only thing you need to do is to plug in your kitchen garden and add water.

Where can I find the the Smart Gardner app?

It can be downloaded at AppStore and Google Play.

On which devices does the app work?

It works on Apple and Android devices.

How do I connect the T-series Kitchen Garden to the application?

When you open the app you have a screen that tells you to connect to a garden. This is done by pressing the + sign in the upper right corner. Press the +-sign and wait for the application to establish the connection. Make sure that you have your kitchen garden plugged in and the bluetooth is switched on on your phone.

Can I connect several T-series kitchen Garden to my smart phone?

Yes, you can add as many kitchen gardens as you want. When you open the application in the screen where you have your already connected gardens, you have a +-sign in the right upper corner. Press the +-sign and wait for the application to establish the connection to a new garden.

Can I connect more than one device to the T-series Kitchen Garden?

Yes you can. Just do the normal pairing procedure as above.

My T-series Kitchen Garden doesn't respond to the application/ smart phone?

Make sure that you have the bluetooth on in your smart phone. Some phones require a restart as well. Your kitchen garden needs to be plugged in as well.

How to use the Growing programs?

The Growing programs are designed to give different species of plants optimal conditions by adjusting the light, the watering and the supply of nutrients according to the needs of that specific plant. You select the Growing Program in the application and your kitchen garden takes care of the rest. This is done by pressing the picture of your kitchen garden in the application. A new screen will open and under the Header “Automated Remote Control” you can find the Growing program. Click on the Growing program and a new screen with all the programs will open. Select the program you want. Your kitchen garden will indicate that it has recieved the Growing program you selected by blinking its light.

What Growing Program do I select when I have multiple species of plants in my kitchen garden?

There are specific mulitspecies programs to be found under Growing programs. The generic rule is that you should select the program according to the plant that has the most demanding needs for light.

Can I create my own Growing Programs?

Yes, you can create your own Growing programs. This is done under the Growing programs by pressing the + sign in the upper right corner. You can control the light, when it goes on and off, the interval and the time for when the water is pumping. You can also set your own reminders.

How do I know when the light shall go on and off for a specific Growing program? Or how often the pump should be working?

You can view the parameter for each program. With an Android device you keep your finger on the program until the view window pops up. With an Apple device you swipe the program to left.

How to use the Growing phases?

This feature is designed to ensure good and steady growth during the life span of the plant as the plant has different needs in different growing phases. There are three different growing phases. Seeds, cuttings and Pre-grown plants phase. The seeds phase is used when you start from seeds. This will set the right conditions, the lamp will be off for 7 days and after that it will be turned on automatically. When you use the growing phase you have to first choose the plant you want to grow from the growing programs menu and then you go to Growing phase and select the growing phase.

How do I control the timing of the light?

There are three different ways to do this. 1) You can use the manual on/off switch. The switch can be turned to off or automatic mode. In the automatic mode the garden uses the program you have selected. 2) You can choose a Growing program that has the light turn off for the nights, such as parsley, chilis, tomato etc. 3) You can also control the timing of light by creating your own growing program.

How can I turn on/off the light without changing the Growing Program?

You can use the on/off switch. The switch can be turned to off or automatic mode. In the automatic mode the garden uses the program you have selected.

How do I edit the details of my kitchen garden or delete it?

You change the name or delete a garden by doing the following: With an Android device you keep your finger on the program until the view window pops up. With an Apple device you swipe the program to left.

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