6 practical tips for growing tomatoes indoors

Tomatoes are easy to grow in Tregren’s kitchen gardens. With a few small tricks, you get a tasty yield for months.

There are many different varieties of tomatoes. The highest yields are obtained from trunk tomatoes, however these are too large to be grown in the kitchen garden, which is why we recommend cherry tomatoes.

An extra sprout or suckers grows on each leaf rub of the tomato. It will be removed as early as possible. This way the plant does not consume unnecessary energy and will give you bigger yields. The best way to remove a suckers is by using your fingers.

We do not recommend that you use scissors to cut suckers. Then there is always a pin left, which is easily hit by gray mold.

Ampellet tomatoes and cherry tomatoes remain relatively low and do not need to have all the suckers removed. However, it is good to remove about half of the suckers so that it produces more tomatoes

Shoots can grow at the base of the tomato. They should also be removed. Just like suckers, shoots consume the growing energy so some are worth removing.

Removing the tomato lower leaves speeds up the ripening of the fruit. The leaves are removed gradually, only 1-2 leaves at a time, especially if they turn yellow. The leaves can be removed up to the maturing tomatoes, but never above it. You should also remove the leaves by hand and not using scissors.

If the tomato grows too large, it is worth the top it, so the raw grapes ripen faster when no energy is used to grow the top.

When topping, leave two leaves above the top bunch of flowers. After cutting off the top, suckers begin to form at an accelerating pace. You should remove them regularly.

Hints and tips:

  1. Use the Tomato growing program in the Smart Gardener app.
  2. Fertilize regularly according to App reminders.
  3. Remove the side shoots and suckers from the tomato.
  4. Remove the lower leaves until the tomatoes that are maturing.
  5. Cut off the top if the tomato grows too big.
  6. Gently shake the plant to dust the flowers

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