5 tips for growing herbs indoors

Growing herbs in Tregren’s kitchen gardens is fast and easy. You can continue to grow potted herbs that you buy in the store or start from seeds. With these tips, you can get a tasty yield for months, even years to come.

All herbs can easily been grown in Tregren’s kitchen gardens. Herbs can be grown either by starting from seed or by continuing to grow the pre-grown herbs purchased from a grocery store or a garden center.

Pre-grown herbs

You may want to kick start your kitchen garden with potted herbs bought in a grocery store. Using potted herbs will save you 4-8 weeks of growing time compared to growing from seeds. When you use potted herbs make sure to rinse off any dirt that may be on the outside of the pot. Put the pot in the kitchen garden and you are ready to go. If the plant has withered or broken branches, remove them before placing the herb in the kitchen garden. Pre-grown herbs will give you yield for months or even years to come.

Seed pods

Tregren seed pods are a great way to grow herbs. You can also use other manufacturer’s seed pods in our kitchen gardens. The un-used seed pods keep well for a couple of years, so you can put them to grow when you need herbs. Soak the pod in a container with water for about 5 minutes to make it swell to its full size. Place the seed paper on top of the seed pod. Carefully pour water over the seed paper so that it gets completely wet and adheres to the pod itself. Move the pod to your kitchen garden. The seed pods contain nutrients so do not add nutrients to the water during the first four weeks. Be sure to change the water every other week for the first four weeks to prevent algae growth. After four weeks, add more nutrients.For more info see our video: https://youtu.be/hutH_vqH-Oo

Growing Programs

In our Smart Gardener applications you will find all the growing programs you need for all the different herbs. If you grow only one herb choose the growing program for that specific herb, if you grow different herbs choose the Herbs program. If you grow herbs and lettuce at the same time, choose the Lettuce program.

When growing herbs from seeds, choose the right growing program and then choose the Growing from seeds -growth stage. The light is initially off for seven days after which it will turn on automatically. In herb and lettuce programs, the light is on 24/7 to maximize growth. For more info see our video: https://youtu.be/wN85kigF7FQ


A properly harvested crop helps to regenerate the plant and thus gives a higher yield. Most herbs grow their leaves in pairs. The crop of these herbs is harvested by cutting the top off above the third or fourth pair of leaves.

By topping, the plant grows two new stems at the base of a pair of leaves. This thickens the plant and produces more yields. Harvesting from herbs that do not grow pairs of leaves is done by cutting the largest branches so that the smaller ones get more space and growth power.

Hints and tips:

  1. Remove dead or broken branches / leaves from pre-grown herbs and place the herb with pots in the kitchen garden.
  2. Select the correct program in the Smart Gardener app.
  3. Fertilize and water regularly according to App reminders.
  4. Harvest the crop.
  5. Enjoy the harvest.

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