Kitchen Garden Makes Your Meals Healthier and Your Life Better – This is What You Need to Know about Urban Farming

Have you ever started preparing a salad only to realize that the salad you bought from the grocery store is already ruined? Or herbs to your meal are not fresh and green anymore, rather brown and dried? With hydroponics you always get fresh and tasty greens. You don’t need to even leave your house to get that luxury feeling of having fresh leafy green vegetables. Everyday can be luxury in your kitchen with urban farming.

Never succeed to keep your greens alive?

Not many of us have the condition to grow fresh greens outside year-round due to the climate. With Tregren’s kitchen garden this is possible and you can even do it in your own kitchen. No need to google for days how to take care of your vegetables and herbs, SmartGardener app does the work for you and takes care of your greens. The app has all the information you need to grow your greens and keeps reminding you when to add water and nutrients. This takes only a few minutes per month of your time. Your job is just to enjoy the fresh vegetables!

You can grow your plants from the beginning, use seed pods or pre-grown plants purchased from the store. SmartGardener app guides you step by step. It does not matter if it's summer or winter, with Tregren’s kitchen garden lamps your greens survive even without any source of natural light.

Half a pound of greens a day

It has been said that we should eat half a pound of vegetables a day. Many of us can struggle to succeed with this. When you have fresh and tasty salad easily accessible, it increases salad consumption. This improves health and quality of life.

Also, did you know that the vitamin content and nutritional value of hydroponics plants are actually higher than in commercial products? Some vegetables can lose half of their nutritional value within 48 hours after being harvested. With your own kitchen garden you get the full nutritional value of your vegetables.

Less food waste

Did you know that each year globally 45% of all vegetables go wasted? On average European households throw away 17 billion kg of fresh fruit and vegetables during just a year. Even just one person makes 35,3kg fresh fruit and vegetables waste. Food waste alone accounts for 9 percent of humanity’s ecological footprint. Growing plants in hydroponics reduces food waste when you grow your products at home as you consume only what you need for cooking. This also reduces carbon emissions because the food does not need transportation nor refrigerated storages.

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