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T6 Tomato Growing Kit

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Price for the set: 216,90€ - You only pay 149,90€!

All our gardens are available with EU, UK or US AC adapter, your choice.

The complete Tomato growing set includes one T6 Garden with 2 extra lamp arms (so you can grow your tomatoes higher), one Tomato seed pod and one box of nutrients for chilies and tomatoes.

No seedpod delivery to US, South Korea and Australia due to customs regulations. Instead you can use store bought plants in pots or grow your own seeds in the growing media you like.

T6 - the perfect herb garden

You can fit all your favourite herbs in the T6 and you will have fresh and tasty herbs all year.

T6 is the middle size kitchen garden in the T-series product line. T6 is compact kitchen garden that fits up to 12 Tregren seed pods.

Three time’s faster growth, effortless usability and the possibility to grow all most any plant are the key benefits of the T6 kitchen garden. All this can be done without any prior experience of gardening as the T6 features two of Tregren’ s novel innovations Active Growing Technology™ and Smart Gardener application.

The T6’s superior functionality is based these two innovations. The Active Growing Technology™ developed by Tregren is based on the optimal combination of the latest LED growing lights, hydroponic cultivation and special nutrients. The Active Growing Technology™ is controlled by the state of the art Smart Gardener application. The Smart Gardener create and control the conditions in your T6 for the specific plants that you are growing. It adjust the lighting conditions, the watering and the nutrients to fit the needs of your plants. It also reminds you when to add water and nutrients to your T6.

The T6 is ready to use straight out of the package. The only thing you need to add is water and the plants or seed pods.

The T6 can be used without the app and a smart phone, however you are then limited to only the standard growing program for herbs and lettuce.

Size info

Length: 19,5 cm / 7,7 in
Width: 17,5 cm / 6,9 in
Height: 44 – 74 cm / 17,3 - 29,1 in (with extension arms)
Water volume: 1 litre / 1/4 gal

Technical Data

Power: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 2A, 5W
Length of the power cord: 1,4m / 4,6ft
Application: Tregren Smart Gardener for android and iOS, available in App Store and Google Play
Materials: ABS and aluminum

Lamp arms for T-series T3, T6 ja T12 kitchen gardens. There is a set of 2 lamp arms in the packet. One arm is 15cm long, plus connection parts.

The Kitchen Garden sales packages include the so called start-up nutrients to get you started. The water in Tregren’s herb gardens should be changed every 3-4 weeks when one dosage bag of nutrient shall be added, for T12 you need to add 2 bags of nutrients. The hydroponics fertilizer is developed by Kekkilä and it is packed in dosage bags so that the plants will always have the correct amount of nutrients. The fertilizer includes kalium, nitrogen, phosporus, minerals and additives.

The growth nutrient is sold in packages of 8 dosage bags.

Tregren’s Seed Pod is an easy and effective approach to growing tomatoes ecologically.

The tomato plant grows only up to about 30cm, making it perfectly suited for growing indoors as it grows in a compact package and ultimately produces bigger harvests than regular plants.

With our seed pods, growing tomatoes could not be easier, especially when the pods are placed in Tregren’s Kitchen gardens after sprouting.

The tomatoes will grow to harvestable size in 3-4 months and will produce large harvest for a long time, resulting in tasty and juicy tomatoes all year round.

The seed pods suitable for growing tomatoes are peat blocks of compressed ecological peat in which the seeds are conveniently placed inside a thin seed paper.

An unused pod will stay usable for years and you will be ready to grow fresh tomatoes the instant you place it in water.

Growing optionsSeeds, pre-grown plants, cuttingsSeeds, pre-grown plants, cuttingsSeeds, pre-grown plants, cuttings
Number of plantsUp to 3Up to 6Up to 12
ColorWhite, grey, blackWhite, grey, blackWhite, grey, black
To whomSmall households, new to indoor gardeningFamiliesLarge households, public places, continuous harvest needed
App compatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
DimensionsL: 193 mm, 7,6 inch
W: 175 mm, 6,9 inch
H: 440 mm, 17,3 inch
L: 345 mm, 13,6 inch
W: 175 mm, 6,9 inch
H: 440 mm, 17,3 inch
L: 645 mm, 25,4 inch
W: 175 mm, 6,9 inch
H: 440 mm, 17,3 inch

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